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Praia Da Rocha is one of the most emblematic beaches of the Algarve.

You can walk on the wide wooden bridges that run along this beach that stretches for over a kilometer, protected by cliffs.

Several restaurants with terraces giving direct access to the beach make this holiday resort one of the most popular summer destinations in the country.

Praia Da Rocha also offers you a privileged geographical situation allowing you to discover this magnificent region of the Algarve.
Located in the region of Praia da Rocha, these condominiums of contemporary architecture are totally private.
Oasis Sea is composed of 2 lots.
The first lot with 6 bodies totaling 58 apartments of different topologies and a 2nd lot of 8 bodies totaling 85 apartamentos.
These fully fenced condominiums provide unparalleled comfort and tranquility in this region.
Tropical pool, outdoor gymnasium and landscaped areas designed for a low maintenance cost.
All this makes these condos a real Oasis.
Apartments with generous areas and luxury finishes.
Do not miss this opportunity, ask for more information.
From 210000€ depending on the location and the areas